Simple URLs WordPress Plugin for URL Management

Simple URLs is a free wordpress plugin for URL Management in wordpress. If you use affiliate links, then it is a best available plugin to cloak affiliate links. It also record total number of clicks on...
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reduce wordpress spamming

Reduce spamming on your wordpress blog using .htaccess

Spam bots mostly access your wp-comments-post.php directly to spam on wordpress blog, and controlling the direct access to wp-comments-post.php using .htaccess can stop spam bots to spam on your wordpress....
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How to install Wordpress Plugin

How to install a plugin in WordPress blog ?

WordPress comes with basic options, however to go in more depth and to add more features in blog, we use plugins. There are hundred of thousands plugins available which are free and paid both. Installing...
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Wordpress backup to Google Drive

Backup your wordpress blog to Google Drive

Always expect unexpected things ! And to avoid from unexpected situation when you have lost your data, it is always better to keep and up to date backup of your data. In case of blogging, if your blog...
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Amazing celebration of Mother’s day by Google doodle 2012

A slap on my face when I ate loud, Spoons broken on my wrist when I touched the food being cooked on the stove, with my finger, A good shooter I have ever seen in my life. I never managed to escape her...
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How GZIP compression works?

Compression is a way to shorten your data to save the space. Whenever some one visit your website, the browser actually download website to the requested computer and show it to your visitor, and ofcourse...
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Optimize your Blog performance with Gzip compression

If you are on shared hosting then your website or blog loading speed matters a lot. Your website performance always matters since If your website is loading slow then people will not use it, more over...
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Maxthon – Experience better browsing

Maxthon is not a well known browser but still being used by a reasonably large number of users world wide because of its quick browsing and basic features which are preloaded in it. Maxthon feel more like...
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